DISCOVERY is quite possibly the most important element of your business strategy.


Welcome to the beginning of your journey.

Define your current vision, mission and values


 Why does your company exist?



 What does your company do?



 How do you do what you do?

Utilize research to your advantage.



a) What is your industry? (fashion, interior design, accounting)

b) Who are your customers? They are your market.

c) How large is your market?

Identify your competitors.


d) Who are your possible competitors?

e) Look at their social media. This includes their websites. What are they doing right or wrong?

f) How do you compare to them? (Research “white board strategy”)

Visualize your customers and imagine who they are.



1) Who are your future customers as you imagine them?

2) What do they care about? 

3) What are their problems?

4) Look at your business from your customers’ perspective.




1) How do your customers view your company? (It may be painful, but find out.)

2) How do you want them to view your company in the future?


Most businesses do not put emphasis on their discovery stage and lose the vital information that it uncovers.

Articulate the brand that you discovered.


This is a fleshed out idea that your staff and stakeholders can use to describe why they do what they do in order to guide decisions on how to do it. It is a simple summary of your Vision, Mission and Values which others can understand. Think “elevator speech.” It is a quick recap of what you do when someone asks you in quick conversation about the business.

Differentiate your business from the competition in a single sentence.


This is a clear statement of what differentiates you in the marketplace. For instance, if you are in the fashion industry, what about your fashion line makes you unique among all the other fashion designers and streetwear companies?


How are you different?


1) “(what your business does)  is the only company in the (industry) that (benefit).”

Define the benefits of your product or service, and how you do it.



This is an articulation of the i) functional and ii) emotional benefit of your service or product.


Essentially, your service or product solves a specific problem and this Value Proposition clearly states a) how you solve that problem and b) why it is better to choose you.


1) Make a promise!!!


“We help (X)  (Y) by doing (Z).”

Create a memorable tagline or slogan of your brand’s benefits.



Simply put, this is your slogan.


It is a creative interpretation of your Value Proposition: “We help (X) do (Y) by doing (Z).”


Have fun with this one!!!

Unify all elements and build a system of hierarchy so that everyone knows how to talk about your brand.



This is a uniform way to talk about your brand.


Here we will develop a rough list of the language, words and phrases that your company as a whole will use to talk about your business.


We have come to the fun part that many rush to complete. You will effectively communicate your brand.

Create brand guidelines of your visual identity. This is the fun part that allows you to be the creative executive of your business.

Develop the strategy of how you will use your visual identity to share your brand’s story